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Founded in 1985, Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia, a producer of master batch and polymer compound having over 25 years of experience, introduced ENVIPLAST® in 2011.

ENVIPLAST® compound pellets are bio-based, biodegradable, made from cassava starch and contain no polyolefin plastic. ENVIPLAST® fulfilled the biodegradation requirement of EN 13432 (2000) which has been performed by a certified laboratory in Europe.

ENVIPLAST®pellets are converted to ENVIPLAST® bags/film in a similar process as that of conventional PE, however conventional PE blown film machines must be modified first. Existing PE bags manufacturers can continue operation with their installed machine base at low modification cost.

ENVIPLAST® films have electrostatic dissipative properties, with a surface resistivity (ASTM D257) of 107.5 – 1010 ohm/cm2 compared to HDPE/LDPE at 1013 ohm/cm2. Hence ENVIPLAST® will not attract dust when being used as wrapping material. It may therefore also be used as antistatic wrapping for electronic components which are prone to interference caused by electrostatic discharge.

ENVIPLAST® bags as a substitute for conventional single use PE plastic bags, are applicable for supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, department stores, as well as industrial wrappings, animal waste bags etc.

Internal observation has shown that ENVIPLAST® film/ bags – when accidentally disposed in nature – will be consumed by land and aquatic animals (snails, worms, crickets, crayfish etc). As ENVIPLAST® passed the animal safety study  ‘Assessment of Acute Oral Toxicity based on OECD 423 (2001)’ , contains no plastic and its (relatively) high density, ENVIPLAST® is a potential solution of  environmental microplastics issues.


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