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Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH (IBB Netzwerk GmbH) is an organization focusing on transforming valuable scientific knowledge to innovative marketable products and technological processes in the area of Industrial Biotechnology. One of the main tasks of IBB Netzwerk GmbH is the management and coordination of the network IBB. Within this network, the competences and the potentials of big industry, small and medium enterprises, academic institutions and associations are combined and mobilized to deploy as well as to expand Industrial Biotechnology.

IBB Netzwerk GmbH performs the management of ZIM cooperation network “BioPlastik”. In the cooperation network “BioPlastik”, partners from industry and academy with different expertise work together. In various projects, they aim to develop innovative, bio-based and simultaneously biodegradable plastic products. Conventional plastic materials shall be replaced by bioplastics with at least equivalent properties. In addition, new applications with different or even better properties can be found.
With this approach, the partners in the cooperation network “BioPlastik” want to use the renewable resources of nature: The raw material for bioplastics is produced primarily from agricultural and forestry residues and wastes, and not from food or feed. Also, it is made sure that the produced bioplastic products are easily recyclable after use. Therefore, appropriate recycling technologies are developed in parallel with the products. All this protects environment and resources. If the new bioplastic products are released into the environment, they decompose completely within a short residence. The formation of harmful microplastics is thereby avoided.
The ZIM cooperation network “BioPlastik” is a network funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). More:


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